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The Art Spiel vs. the Real Madrid Deal

Biennale di Venezia vs. Karim Benzema
Invited by Véronique Bacchetta vs. Federico Santiago Valverde Dipetta
Other People’s Clothes vs. Rodrygo Goes
Étudiants aux Beaux Arts vs. Eden Hazard
Uber Triennale Curatior vs. Vinicius Paixao de Oliveira Junior
Crits’n’Reviews vs. Toni Kroos

Caravaggio’s Chiaroscuro vs. Jesus Vallejo Lazaro
Your Artist Fee vs. Aurélien Tchouaméni
Mille Plateaux vs. Eder Gabriel Militão
RM’s Instagram Erotic vs. Luka Modric
Artistas Unidos Vámonos vs. Daniel Carvajal Ramos

Until the End, Come on Real.

A Play (Off) by Miriam Laura Leonardi, April 2023

RM at CEC 2023

Until last summer we used to go by a name written Real Madrid, pronounced either rɪəl məˈdrɪd, or ře’al ma’ðrid . After legal threats by a namesake company we had to disown that moniker and disclose being unpatented knockoffs. It was a matter of ticking time, of who trademarked facts first and once – for the moment we use the shortened RM but pronunciation stays unaltered.

We want this show to be an unbaptism, a debut against copyrighted one-off geniuses, an and to a story, a stack of counterfeit merch and a spoonful of the shared minestrone of ideas, and also another unoriginal show about identity.

The b/w images you see have been taken by Mathilde Agius.